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Sales Objections – It’s About the Value

Time and time again sales objections come up about price.

And sales people are always after sales coaching on handling objections.

Well the truth is if you had built enough value earlier in the call that there would likely be no objections coming up.
And price objections would be the first ones to fall by the wayside.

Value is a funny thing too, it is perceived and perceptions are emotional.

The follwoing post tells a story that highlights that very point in a most unusual way.

Happy reading.

Overcoming Price Objections by Charlie Cook.

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Sales Objections – A Lesson from MLM

It’s not often I find things to be enthused about with MLM, maybe that’s just me.

However, I stumbled across a post today from an MLMer and thought much of the advice given about handling objections was sound.

So much so, that I have posted a link to it below.

Loved the comment, ” The purpose of handling an objection and the only purpose of handling an objection is to help your prospect get past what’s currently stopping them from getting what they want.”

It also says, “the success of your MLM business will depend largely on your willingness to help others and the willingness to undergo the right training.” Now that reads to me like it’s a pretty good formula for success in ANY sales business.

Further it says, “Also remember that you’re not handling an objection to get the person into your business. Instead, focus on helping your prospect to get what they want when they are asking you a question or giving you an objection. The objection or the reason behind the objection is stopping them — so help them.”

I think the article is well worth a read interms of handling sales objections for any business not just MLM

Handle Every Objection.

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