Sales Objections – Scripted Responses

I am a strong believer in a sales person knowing what sales objetions they typically get.

I believe this is important for two reasons:

  • it highlights what you are not doing / covering earlier in a sales call
  • it gives you specific targets to practice your objection handling skills.

Now there are sales trainers out there who would tell you to take your regular objections. Work out answers for them. Try those answers in the field. Then memorise the ones that work for each specific objection.

I do not agree with those rote learning approaches !

If it was that simple you could train a robot / computer to sell for you !

I favour teaching your mind how to generate responses to objections on the fly.
Because each customer is different and each buying scenario is likely to have unique characteristics.
That’s what I teach in my sales coaching.

For an article about the rote approach click this link 





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