Sales Objections – Last Ditch Recovery

This is a wonderful last-ditch retort.

You’ve been consulting with your prospect or client for some time. No resolution, no sale. You’ve run out of things to say.

Then you say, “What’s the one question you could ask to be totally convinced that this is the product for you?”

This is a beautiful question because of the presupposition that is inherent in the question.

A presupposition is something, often not specifically stated in a sentence, that has to be true in order to make sense of the sentence.

For example if your partner asks you to pick up the laundry on the way home. Certain things have to be true. There has to be laundry, there has to be a place to pick it up from (laundromat) and you have to have a home to go to.

Now the presupposition in the question above is that there is a question that will cause your prospect to be totally sold on your offer. They don’t even have to answer the question!

Once your prospect asks a question his/her unconscious mind believes that this is the product for them.

It doesn’t make the sale but it’s a rung on the ladder because it starts them thinking about using your product.

Another example.

Prospect says. “I can’t see your service working here.”

You reply, “That’s right you can’t see our service working here….yet… because you haven’t yet asked the one question that allow you to realise all the benefits you will have by using our service.”

This follows a pattern I recommended earlier. That is, you agree with the objection first and then try and redirect it. As a general rule meet them where they are and then take them where you want them to go.

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