Sales Objections – How to Have Fewer Objections Come Up

Of course, I said before that if you had a perfect product (or service) and gave a perfect presentation then sales objections would not come up.

It follows from that, that the better you understand your product/service and your prospect and the better the job of “selling” you do the fewer objections you will get.

By “selling” I mean:

·        Establishing rapport with your prospect.

·        Establishing credibility with your prospect.

·        Uncover your prospect’s wants and what’s important to them about that.

·        Understand your prospect as a person and how they think

·        Establishing the Value of your offer

If you have done all that you can present your offering so that they will really listen to it and your presentation will be focused on the specific benefits of importance to them.

In fact, let me put it this way, the better you have identified your customer’s wants and established the value of your offer the fewer sales objections you will get.

So, in some respects knowing how to handle objections is like an insurance policy.

We all have insurance policies on our cars and houses and even our life but we really hope we never have to use them.

So, think of your skill in handling sales objections as something you can fall back on even if you have not done a great “selling” job earlier in the sale.


An interesting post on sales objections.


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