Sales Objections – Feel, Felt, Found

I’m sure that any of you that have been involved in sales for some time would have heard of the “Feel-Felt-Found” approach to dealing with a sales objection.

This is quite an effective tack for dealing with many objections.

You should consider practicing the use of it because you could use it in a number of situations.

I would be a bit concerned about using it when speaking to a professional buyer these days as the framwork has been around that long that you run the risk of the buyer noticing it and possibly thinking you are trying to manipulate them.

Just for a review (in case you don’t know the pattern) let’s go through an example.

Your prospect says something like, “I’d love to use your service but we just can’t afford it.” (Sound familiar?)

An example of your response, using “feel-felt-found”, would be something like the following.

“Strange you should say that. I can certainly understand how you could feel that way. Mr Jones over at Allied Inc felt the same way for a long time. Then after he started using our service he found that the added cost was minimal and was far outweighed by the benefits of our premium service.”

Another example.

Prospect says, ”We’ve been with our current supplier for many years, I’m just not sure about moving my business to your company.”

You reply, “ I appreciate you feel that way. I would hope you would feel the same way if you’d been doing business with us for many years. In fact, a number of other companies that have switched to us in the last 18 months have felt the same way. That’s why it’s so gratifying that all of them have found the move to be such a good one for their company.”

I repeat, this “feel, felt, found” pattern can be used in MANY situations and should be part of your sales objections kit.
Just take care to make sure it sounds polished and don’t use it too often on professional buyers.

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