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Sales Objection – “We Don’t Deal with Sales People”

How many times have you ever run across the objection, “we don’t deal with salespeople” ?

How do you handle that ?

If you’ve had troubles handling it you may like to consider using the Agreement Frame.

You can find out about that in my book on handling sales objections.

Alternatively, I just read an interesting post that offers some suggestions at how to handle that objection.

It starts out with “How many times have you come across a gatekeeper who says, ‘We Don’t Deal With Salesmen’ or ‘We Don’t Take Cold Calls’? Don’t worry any longer! You don’t have to be stumped for words. Try these sales objection scripts,..”

You can read the full post here.

Handling Price Objections and the Real Reasons We Get Them

This is an interesting article on handling price objections.

Given that this is probably the most often raised sales objection it could be wise to read everything you can on the topic.

The info is quite basic but remember it’s important to keep the basics in mind with any skill.

Happy reading, Greg

Handling price objections and closing more sales by overcoming this common objection with techniques developed by a working sales manager for professional sellers.

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Use “CPR” on prospect objections

This is an interesting read about handling sales objections.

It relates specifically to the insurance industry but a lot of what is covered is relevant to all other sorts of sales scenarios as well.

Hope you take the time to have a look.


Many insurance sales professionals fear, or worse—hate—handling objections. What you tell yourself at the moment you field an objection is critical. Is it something negative: “This is the part of the job I really hate,” or “Oh no! …

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Overcoming objections by turning them into the fuel for selling …

This article makes a few good points but I dislike referring to objections as “the battlefield” for sales people.




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8 Responses to “Overcoming objections by turning them into the fuel for selling”. Mockingbird says: Knowing how to field objections can go a long way in good marketing of your product or service, as you truly understand your business …

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Sales Objections Overruled

Hi, just read this post and liked Craig’s comments about “Blocked at the Gate”

Sales Objections Overruled

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