Sales Objections – Scripted Responses

I am a strong believer in a sales person knowing what sales objetions they typically get.

I believe this is important for two reasons:

  • it highlights what you are not doing / covering earlier in a sales call
  • it gives you specific targets to practice your objection handling skills.

Now there are sales trainers out there who would tell you to take your regular objections. Work out answers for them. Try those answers in the field. Then memorise the ones that work for each specific objection.

I do not agree with those rote learning approaches !

If it was that simple you could train a robot / computer to sell for you !

I favour teaching your mind how to generate responses to objections on the fly.
Because each customer is different and each buying scenario is likely to have unique characteristics.
That’s what I teach in my sales coaching.

For an article about the rote approach click this link 





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Sales Objections – Are They Really Objections ?

Like most everything else in life sales objections are about how we frame them more than they are about reality.

Everything that happens to us is coloured by our perception of it.

Our perceptions are governed by our values, past experiences, our intentions and our current mood.

So, what about objections ?

Maybe some of what we think are objections are not and maybe they are not buying signals either maybe they are just someone trying to understand what we are offering and how much benefit it could be for them.

That’s what the following article from Paul McCord states quite well.

Who’s Qualifying Whom Here

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Sales Objections – It’s About the Value

Time and time again sales objections come up about price.

And sales people are always after sales coaching on handling objections.

Well the truth is if you had built enough value earlier in the call that there would likely be no objections coming up.
And price objections would be the first ones to fall by the wayside.

Value is a funny thing too, it is perceived and perceptions are emotional.

The follwoing post tells a story that highlights that very point in a most unusual way.

Happy reading.

Overcoming Price Objections by Charlie Cook.

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Sales Objections – a video to watch

I do not agree with all that is said in this video but some of it certainly makes good sales objections handling sense.

I certainly do not agree with delaying dealing with objections till the end of a meeting as it tends to show disrespect for the prospect.

Have a look and tell me what you think.



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Sales Objections – Are They Really Buying Signals.

It has been a strongly held belief that sales objections are buying signals.


Well they can be and sometimes they are not.


Sometimes they are an example of sloppy saleswork being done early in the sales process.


Sometimes they are just a manifestation of good ole procrastination.


Obviosly, you need to know how to deal with sales objections as that ability is your insurance policy. Otherwise once you get an objection, for whatever reason, the sale has ended. I am available for sales coaching on how to handle YOUR sales objections


The article below asks the question are sales objections buying signals.



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