Sales Objection – “We Don’t Deal with Sales People”

How many times have you ever run across the objection, “we don’t deal with salespeople” ?

How do you handle that ?

If you’ve had troubles handling it you may like to consider using the Agreement Frame.

You can find out about that in my book on handling sales objections.

Alternatively, I just read an interesting post that offers some suggestions at how to handle that objection.

It starts out with “How many times have you come across a gatekeeper who says, ‘We Don’t Deal With Salesmen’ or ‘We Don’t Take Cold Calls’? Don’t worry any longer! You don’t have to be stumped for words. Try these sales objection scripts,..”

You can read the full post here.

Fear of Handling Sales Objections

Fear of sales objections can make you far less adept at handling them.

That attitude of fear and lack of confidence comes across to your prospect.
They don’t know what it is just that something feels wrong.
They may then begin to question whether they trust you (your competence or your motives).
From that point the sales becomes a lot more difficult.

I read a post recently that talked about this but only in a general; sense.
The points made were valid but lacked detail.
Could be worth a read for you though. the link is below.

Why do you fear Objections