Sales Objections – some basics

OK, you are in a sales role. Sales objections are going to come up.

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It is one of the unfortunate ironies that you will get more sales objections when you first start selling than at any other time in your career. The reason that happens is that when you first start selling you don’t have the experience to accurately qualify your prospects or to present to them in a way that will cover what they want to know before you ask for an order.

Sales objections should not be feared.

That’s easy to say for me or any other experienced sales person but maybe not so easy to grasp if you’re new to this game.

So below I’m going to offer some advice about handling sales objections.

Five steps to handle sales objections for newbies:

  • Breathe – Don’t panic.

Many an inexperienced salesperson when they get an objection has been kno

wn to react with fear or the appearance of being stunned (you know, standing there with mouth open but no words coming out).

Worse still, some salespeople try to argue with their prospects.

The thing you need to get is the attitude that objections are likely to come up and its important not to overreact to them.

  • Acknowledge your prospect’s sales objection.

The objection may seem unusual to you it may even seem irrelevant but it is not to your prospect. Your prospect needs to know that you hear his sales objection, that you sympathize with their concerns.

By acknowledging the objection you start to build a relationship between yourself and the prospect and that will help you later in the sales call.

You may say something like, “I appreciate your concerns about the….”

  • You need to ask questions about their objection.

This serves two purposes.

Firstly you are uncovering the details of what their objection really is and secondly by asking more questions you are showing that you are interested

Believe me; you’ll get a lot further in sales by being interested than by trying to be interesting. I firmly believe that curiosity is one of the most important traits of a salesperson.

Don’t start attempting deal with the objection until you fully understand what it is.

During this getting process your prospect may well enter her own objection.

Sales professionals know that there is more to answering an objection than the “answer.” They know the client is the key to the solution.

  • Feedback their sales objection to them.

When you finally think you’ve got it you need to check with your prospect that you can really understand what their objection is. That way you are both on the same page and there is a chance for meaningful communication.

It often a good idea to feedback their objection to them in the form of question because as a salesperson you can answer a question.

  • Qualify it as the only true objection.

When overcoming sales objections you need to qualify it as a true objection.

You may choose to say, “You mean that’s the only reason you’re not buying?”

Now he can either say yes or no. This smokes out the real objection. If it’s a fake objection the prospect will say “No.” then you can ask what are his or her other concerns. If he says “yes, that’s the only reason why I’m not buying” you now know the real objection and you can start to answer it.

The most important part in all of the above is to keep the dialogue going. The worst thing that can happen is stony silence from you when you get an objection.

By acknowledging the objection it gives you a chance to start gathering your thoughts on coming up with questions. Feeding back the sales objection further builds the rapport you have gained by acknowledging them. Finally by qualifying this is the true objection you are not wasting your time chasing phantoms.

Answering the objection will then happen as part of the dialogue between you and the prospect. Your success will depend upon your product knowledge, the fit of your product or service to their needs and your ability to communicate effectively with them (words are the most powerful drug known to mankind).

Following these guidelines will help you, but there is a lot more to handling sales objections.

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